Friday, August 17, 2012

Website Contents a Changing Paradigm

When we think about a good website design we come to understand few main aspects: 

User Friendly 

Unique Content 

Technically Sound  


But at micro level the horizon widens and the scope depends on case basis. The content architecture has to be well defined. The important pages should be in the top rung of the hierarchy. Each and every write up should be limited to what the page is meant for. For additional information there should additional pages lower in the hierarchy that are created. Such pages should be linked to the topic relevant page and should not clutter the main page. Not to mention the contents should be robust. 

Additional information can also be added using pdf file or a document.           

Duplicate contents are no longer welcome nor are the pages which provide run of the mill information. Making contents unique does not mean article spinning. The information itself should deliver uniqueness and associated details  useful to the searchers. Understanding semantics is very important if you wish to focus on the right search terms and to avoid artificially injecting a bundle of keywords which is tantamount to spamming.   

After Penguin Update proper content content creation has become imperative if an interface has to survive on SERPs.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Optimized web design what it means?

When we speak of web design it is a vast subject. What with old technologies and new one's being introduced there is maddening confusion as to what is a standard.

Well the technologies are generally bounded by the purpose and the type of the website. For say a static personal website may not require interactive features and the size may be limited. Hence the site will be easily manageable as well. But in case of an e commerce website or a corporate website there will be greater interactivity and the size may be mind boggling. In such case technology used may be different with lot of scripting and content management systems along with greater utilities and functionality.    

For interactive web sites a web design company should have unique content writers, expert programmers and web designers in the team. But web designing does not end here proper planning and implementation is required. The web page designer should have first hand knowledge of the client site, the web as whole and user preferences before technologies perform their magic. That simply means there is lot human angle to web designing.

User are not impressed by technologies or what wonders it can do to make the designing task easier etc. In case of users, the friendly lay out and easy navigation means a lot. Then the content and utilities matters since the web visitor should find what he or she is looking for with ease. Information which is unique and relevant in nature means a lot to the user. 

Search engine have learned to ascertain the above factors since they also consider that website is for users. In due process their algorithms make out besides the above many other factors. Some aspects that search engine rate a site higher are by its downloading speed, proper declaration of DTD and character sets, server query load, compatibility with web browsers and operating systems. They are also able to determine the internal architecture of the site.

There are some limitations under which the spiders works which the web designer should be aware of or he should consult a good search engine optimization specialist. Thus elements which search engine spiders and algorithms are not able to render correctly or are confused by should be avoided in website design and development process.            

But over all the user takes the cake so preference is to make the site user friendly and unique. Most important the query returned is what the user types so make a well focused website rather than putting everything into one basket.   

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Web design navigation menus

It is the most important aspect of web designing the navigation menu. The link architecture has to be set in first - a user friendly architecture that makes it easier for visitor to navigate.  

The navigation menu has to be attractive and inviting and not a turn off.  The menu list should stand out against the back but should nit look outlandish. The whole idea is to incorporate subtle color combinations that shows various elements on page as distinct. 

In case of very large linking architecture drop down menus work the best. They should be neatly laid out with category well defined.Flyout menus can also be used in order to prevent a clutter in page.It i the innovative skill of the web designer as to how he creates the menus on site. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Website: Online success & You

Almost everyone in business, profession, e-commerce has a website. There are lot many personal websites offering something or other. For many this is enough. The buck stops here.

Oh I have a website!

But does it have impressive online presence!

I have come across sites of major companies, service providers and ambitious owners lying neglected and in state of decadence. The search engines will remove such sites in due process from their result pages. As the indexing and ranking mechanisms evolves, it will become more and more difficult for decaying sites to compete on top search terms.

Remember the algorithms are in constant state of evolution mostly for the better. But some  Universal principles will remain for ever. The site has to be content rich with unique contents embedded in user friendly site architecture. Fancy Flash header, images, graphics and melange of color is not enough. The search engine are less interested in how the site looks they are more interested in what the site offers in terms of searches made by the users. So keep on developing your site - well themed or topic relevant and better and better as time passes. If you do this you then you need not worry about what Google engineers will do with their skills on SERPs.     

Though fresh contents cannot be added like in a blog, creating and describing more and more products and categories is the answer for websites. Deeper architectural layers, pdf or doc files should be added time to time or as offerings evolve.        
To enlightened it is not enough. Your web site is the most important interface online. The website should be well designed user friendly and should make classic offerings. The website design and contents should speak out loud. The web design should be a continuous evolutionary process changing and adjusting with time and trends. There should be continuous addition of offerings and unique relevant contents.  

Some sites do wonders just by following the above guide lines without search engine optimization. But do not be under the wrong impression since online success depends upon ranking on very large relevant well researched keywords. Constant keyword and content research is a must. 

For web site owners online success on Google or Yahoo Serps SEO and SEM by an experienced service provider is a must. The better the Seo services and content creation the better will be the result.  This combined with effective Internet Marketing will spell major success on the net.

Coming back to our topic constant build up of your interface is a must. This will come out good only if you as an owner is aware of this and cooperate with service providers. In case of website development owner input is unavoidable. Lot of website owners depend totally on service provider but if your input are forthcoming see how things change.     

A good website designer, Seo professional and web content writer depends lot on owner interest and encouragement. In case of stiff keyword competition team work is entirely essential. Affordable solutions may not be of any good if they border on cheap. Good service means justified payment, else hard bargain will yield soft results or none at all.   

Friday, May 7, 2010

Initiating a website design

Website designing is not an easy task it is complex and requires skill. Web designing is not just creating a flash header, a few zigmos here and there, and scribbling contents as you please. Don't save money up and get the best. Cheap web design are for aimless cheapsters
Think Web Design

Right from a white board stage start thinking what is it that you wish to offer? How are you going to create a design that will spell success online? Your website is the most important interface. How you make it visible is a different matter - Seo, Internet Marketing - direct marketing whatever?

All your traffic will bounce if your interface is not apt. Best is to benchmark sites on same topic. Then let go your ingenuity and come up with a master piece. Your site should be talking about the topic and elaborate it efficiently. The very presentation of your site should highlight your topic at one glance. 

Find out what is it that should be on your pages. On shopping sites images matter a lot, the details should be hooked with the thumb nails. The product details should be complete and elaborate the fine aspects. The images should be high resolution light in weight and real time. The images if not good will mar your online success terribly. Normally website owners hang images they are able to get without much efforts. Make efforts to upload the best...catch hold of a professional photographer. Define height and width or use roll overs. All this would increase site download speed. This is important as search engines have added page download speed as a ranking factor. 

Design well the internal architecture of the site. Before you do this, get hold of a good web content writer who will create topic based and well themed content pages. Scale the importance of  contents and then link them as per their importance. The most important pages should be on the home well and well highlighted. A user friendly site will have its main relational pages reachable in one click. Add sub topic pages to the most relevant relational page. This will create a good architecture as well as prevent clustering on the home page which is annoying and confusing to the visitors. Make home page with limited number of links and well defined content with tag lines. Do not clutter images, banners or ads on the home page. Spread these elements throughout your site.A confused visitor is a good as none. 

Creating a hierarchy of internally linked pages as per their importance and topic is very important for a good site design. The deeper you go the better it is since this way you are offering more information which is relevant. It will beat your competitor outright on the SERPs. Use word file or pdf file to provide extra details or elaboration of menus, facilities, rates etc.

Internal linking should be relational and not random if you wish to create effective theme based silos on site. This is highly effective and quick way to reach on top in competitive search terms on SERPs. If the site contents are too complex and not themed well then link them in all pages on right or left panel. Don't try to gain anchor by linking coffee page to tea page if your site is on hot beverages.       

Create separate pages for photo album sharing as regards to your product line. You cannot have too many images on one page. Link a page with thumb nail images and embed details that are associated with the enlarged image.  If unmanageable yet than add them on photo sharing site album and provide a link. This will save your hosting space and hence the cost. You can effectively manage download speed as well. What more most of the photo storing sites are free. 

Get hold of a professional Seo for on page optimization and promotion on search engines. An  experienced  Seo one will further your design by adding unique contents, fixing design elements and improving site layouts besides creating back links. Online website promotion is a must for high traffic and visibility.

Few points to take note of:

Decide on a suitable domain name first. 

Register the domain in your own name and not the service provider's.

Approve themed content page suggestions from your content writer

Focus your site on one aspect only. Do not try get everything from one site. 

Select images carefully.

Check for uniqueness of the contents.

Create one template and see if it is apt. Then go ahead and create all pages.

Host the site on a quality server backed by sincere, attentive service provider.

Visit your site as a user would and see if it is friendly and content rich.

Check for bounce rate on Google analytic. This will give you an idea about how popular your web pages are. 

Check the links all the time...your web designer should do this.

Check for clean code..the website programmer should do this. The website application developer should place all scripts on server side and not on the client side. This reduces server queries and increases download speed.    

Check online forms regularly.  

Add videos or music files in separate pages and not on the home page. Provide a link from the home page.

Avoid dynamic pages until unless absolutely necessary.

In a dynamic site keep main pages as static - this is good for indexing by search engines and promotion online. 

CMS driven sites should carry unique title/meta description.

Add your company or personal blog.

Flashy animation - check if it suits the topic.

Keep thinking what else should be there on site, hence keep your site growing.

Keep on a look out for what changes are required.

But at any cost do not waiver from the core focusing.

Your website should be constantly evolving on the Internet. This will fetch bright results,  improve online performance and goal conversions the ultimate objective.   

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Designing websites?

To many web design is a standard simple task. A flashy header, few images, links and badly written or average content. The ideal victims are those who go in for cheap web designing. If you are not very serious about getting online business or some other purpose than a cheap web design will do.

For interactive purpose laden business or shopping sites the site design matters a lot. The site design and contents matter a lot when it comes to  conversion. The most powerful interface is your website. Seo or searching optimization will rank your site. But goal conversion depends a lot upon your interface and what is written on it. 

The site design should be topic specific properly conceived and themed. Web design is not just knowing how to use designing tools and programming.  The creativity of the web designer and skills of web application developer matters a lot. Programming should be spot less clean coding. There should be no errors and  the developer should accord efficient functionality to the user. 

A flashy web design will do for an online gambling site but it will not work wonders for a hospital site. The color combination should also be suggestive of the topic. The images should be picture perfect and apt. Web design should be simple and sober in some cases while it could be loud and flashy in many cases. It is the analytical skill of the designer who delivers full justice to the client. 
Web content are highly important.They should be unique and informative but terse. Users do not read a lot on site. The contents should be simply written but yet be able to evoke the right kind of reaction from the users. Quite a few website designing companies hire a good web content writer in their development team. Website content creation is an art. Loud and in comprehensive language fails. Another angle to content writing on website is that it should be search engine friendly as well.  Search engine programs do not read content as humans do. A sprinkle of important keywords included naturally is a must. 

Web content writers are not always copywriters, but an appealing tag or a catch line matters a lot in goal conversion. Short well phased informative contents with great degree of grammatical correctness is a must on site. Hiring a good web site content writer would be a great step forward for online success. 

At every moment of your online presence think, dwell upon and comprehend what next you can do on site for success.   Keep on developing your interface for maximum ROI.