Monday, October 15, 2007

Search engine friendly website

There are many companies and individuals that promise high search engine ranking to a prospective client. Believe me I am into web promotion and seo content writing since a long time...there is no quick fire solution to web promotions as promised by these experts. One must take the service of a good web design company for success in online business, ecommerce or online shopping site.

Search engine optimization or web promotion is hard work and experience which one gains by working day and night to learn and deliver.

The first step is always on site optimization of the website. The following points will be useful for this activity.

No doorway pages please and avoid flash and jave scripts...use scripts that run on the server side. Manage session ids well.

Title tag ....write properly using correct keywords and phrases. Do not make it very long or confusing since the user will also read it.It should deliver to search engine for indexing and to the visitor for higher convertion.

Meta descriptions should be as descriptive as possible. Describing the web site not spam.

Meta keywords here you should substitute keywords present in the content and in the above two. Use plural or singular for or both depending upon how you have used them in the content or title and meta description. Use mis-spelling only if it is being typed often.

Unique content which accurate and descriptive. Write in your own language if you can write well, else hire a good seo content writer. The website content should be well written since again both the search engine and the web user is going to go through it. It is of no use to bring the site in a top rank when the visitor finds it uninteresting.

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