Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Web Design

What is web design?
A web page is a document available on the Internet in various formats notable the html format or website as it is known. Other formats though less popular are .doc typ and pdf type to name a few. The html pages uses number of technologies to make a web page including sound and graphics. The languages used most popularly are Html or the mark up language as it is known and php which are contemporary website buildling tools.

The images or graphics that are very much a part of web design are assimilated on the web page in "jpeg" or "gif" format which are most widely used format in web designing and development. The sound files and video files may be incorporated on the web site but these ususally increase the weight of the web page and hence the download time which is not good for ranking high on the search engine result page.

The web pages are delivered electronically via the medium of the Internet and are compatibly for viewing on the web browsers such as the Internet explorer and fire fox. The viewer sees the web page in graphic user interface display or GUI. The popularity of the wordl wide web on the Internet is due to availability of millions of websites containing web pages loaded with information and utilities which attract user traffic from all over the world.

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