Monday, November 12, 2007

Site Diagram

Creating a site diagram is easier if you have a master plan shared by the whole web development team. The site diagram is fundamental to website design as the web development process proceeds there are changes that evolve as well. The site diagram is basis of the core planning that is a must for initiating and carrying henceforth the web page design. Site diagram which begins as a broad scope of the webs site to be enters much finer and detailed elements that are proposed and ingrained into the website. The internal architecture Vis a Vis navigation, content and interactive capabilities of the web page emerge as the developmental work of the web pages proceed. Accurate implementation is also vital for web promotion for ultimate representation on Internet and high visiblity. Designing elements are an important factor in optimization of web pages.

The site diagram is the basis of the core planning and implementation of the whole project where in the team can discuss and project their ideas and creative elements that make a web design effective on the internet. Research, analysis and planning are key to a successful website design rather than hasty implementation of ideas.

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