Monday, April 21, 2008

Web design what to use?

Simply put

Use external CSS the obvious benefits of cascading style sheets for formatting font, color, text and tags are well known and if you do not here are the summary.

Css accords better control over page elements as mentioned above. With a single master CSS link one can command the whole web site design and it becomes easier to edit as web designer has to make changes in one place only.

CSS accord uniformity to the whole web site or portal. CSS substitutes effectively for frame and tables.

Use optimized image with alt text mention height and width. Use gif, jpeg and png formats.

Use a good content writer and publish unique relevant content on the site. Provide good title and description.

Use accessibility features for the disabled.

Use only those technologies that are web browser and search engine compatible. Minimize usage of Flash, Java Scripting and Ajax etc. Or else use server side scripts.

Use compatible colors that which suits the products and services. Do not go for al flashy design always go for aesthetics. Flashy designs may be suitable for online games site for example.

Use content management system or CMS for large websites.

Use a good programmer. There should be no coding error and dead links on the web site.

    • Linear structure for users to move in a fixed progression.
    • Hierarchical structure or Tree Design offer more than one path for visitors to reach their destination;
    • Branch Structure for lots of interconnections between the pages and hyperlinks within content.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Web design Seo Elements

When you design a website you must understand that the only medium it will interact on is the Internet and that also through the search engines...very less through directories and other referral sources. So what do you do since you are a professional web designers fully involved in the field of unending magnitude..that means no time to learn seo? Yet your client may expect online performance out of your design...yes it is true.

Well first explain seo to your client and get hold of one for him, then listen to the search engine optimizer who understands web design from the search engine point of view and tells you what changes, edition or addition to be made and you simple? Yep but I have found at many times web designers not taking my instructions seriously and timely. Here my reputation suffers and the client looses overall.

Well I may sound pompous but yes admittedly there elements that good web designers embed in a website naturally that are search engine friendly. But there are technologies that still are not search engine friendly..try convincing an obstinate web designer not to use them...I hope you are getting my point now.

Many amateur web designers do not understand something as basic as tag lines or creating a resource page or take into consideration the web page download speed..he..he.

Many web designers scoff at your seo efforts or take it as challenge where in both the fields are entirely different..but unfortunately the client is the same.

As of today a very very large number of business website owners do not take content writing and search engine optimization seriously...try convincing one owner and you will realize that I am speaking the truth. This is particularly true in cities with less economic buzz (In India I mean).

Most of the content on the websites are through some manageable source or by non seo content writers (latter is okay to some extent). In many cases the contents are whacked from other websites..turned and twisted here and there and bingo the site is ready.

Most of the websites lack proper title and meta tags...check for your self. Images are not optimized...internal architecture is not user usability work has been done. At most I have noticed some web designers going in for directory submissions that which is a weak efforts like what the cheap seo service do .

Web designers do not propagate pros and cons of engine optimizers do but..he he...only among themselves or else through some magical seo technology or softwares.

If the community both the web designers and professional Internet marketeers have to survive then educate the clients.