Monday, April 21, 2008

Web design what to use?

Simply put

Use external CSS the obvious benefits of cascading style sheets for formatting font, color, text and tags are well known and if you do not here are the summary.

Css accords better control over page elements as mentioned above. With a single master CSS link one can command the whole web site design and it becomes easier to edit as web designer has to make changes in one place only.

CSS accord uniformity to the whole web site or portal. CSS substitutes effectively for frame and tables.

Use optimized image with alt text mention height and width. Use gif, jpeg and png formats.

Use a good content writer and publish unique relevant content on the site. Provide good title and description.

Use accessibility features for the disabled.

Use only those technologies that are web browser and search engine compatible. Minimize usage of Flash, Java Scripting and Ajax etc. Or else use server side scripts.

Use compatible colors that which suits the products and services. Do not go for al flashy design always go for aesthetics. Flashy designs may be suitable for online games site for example.

Use content management system or CMS for large websites.

Use a good programmer. There should be no coding error and dead links on the web site.

    • Linear structure for users to move in a fixed progression.
    • Hierarchical structure or Tree Design offer more than one path for visitors to reach their destination;
    • Branch Structure for lots of interconnections between the pages and hyperlinks within content.

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