Thursday, April 22, 2010

Designing websites?

To many web design is a standard simple task. A flashy header, few images, links and badly written or average content. The ideal victims are those who go in for cheap web designing. If you are not very serious about getting online business or some other purpose than a cheap web design will do.

For interactive purpose laden business or shopping sites the site design matters a lot. The site design and contents matter a lot when it comes to  conversion. The most powerful interface is your website. Seo or searching optimization will rank your site. But goal conversion depends a lot upon your interface and what is written on it. 

The site design should be topic specific properly conceived and themed. Web design is not just knowing how to use designing tools and programming.  The creativity of the web designer and skills of web application developer matters a lot. Programming should be spot less clean coding. There should be no errors and  the developer should accord efficient functionality to the user. 

A flashy web design will do for an online gambling site but it will not work wonders for a hospital site. The color combination should also be suggestive of the topic. The images should be picture perfect and apt. Web design should be simple and sober in some cases while it could be loud and flashy in many cases. It is the analytical skill of the designer who delivers full justice to the client. 
Web content are highly important.They should be unique and informative but terse. Users do not read a lot on site. The contents should be simply written but yet be able to evoke the right kind of reaction from the users. Quite a few website designing companies hire a good web content writer in their development team. Website content creation is an art. Loud and in comprehensive language fails. Another angle to content writing on website is that it should be search engine friendly as well.  Search engine programs do not read content as humans do. A sprinkle of important keywords included naturally is a must. 

Web content writers are not always copywriters, but an appealing tag or a catch line matters a lot in goal conversion. Short well phased informative contents with great degree of grammatical correctness is a must on site. Hiring a good web site content writer would be a great step forward for online success. 

At every moment of your online presence think, dwell upon and comprehend what next you can do on site for success.   Keep on developing your interface for maximum ROI.

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