Friday, June 11, 2010

Website: Online success & You

Almost everyone in business, profession, e-commerce has a website. There are lot many personal websites offering something or other. For many this is enough. The buck stops here.

Oh I have a website!

But does it have impressive online presence!

I have come across sites of major companies, service providers and ambitious owners lying neglected and in state of decadence. The search engines will remove such sites in due process from their result pages. As the indexing and ranking mechanisms evolves, it will become more and more difficult for decaying sites to compete on top search terms.

Remember the algorithms are in constant state of evolution mostly for the better. But some  Universal principles will remain for ever. The site has to be content rich with unique contents embedded in user friendly site architecture. Fancy Flash header, images, graphics and melange of color is not enough. The search engine are less interested in how the site looks they are more interested in what the site offers in terms of searches made by the users. So keep on developing your site - well themed or topic relevant and better and better as time passes. If you do this you then you need not worry about what Google engineers will do with their skills on SERPs.     

Though fresh contents cannot be added like in a blog, creating and describing more and more products and categories is the answer for websites. Deeper architectural layers, pdf or doc files should be added time to time or as offerings evolve.        
To enlightened it is not enough. Your web site is the most important interface online. The website should be well designed user friendly and should make classic offerings. The website design and contents should speak out loud. The web design should be a continuous evolutionary process changing and adjusting with time and trends. There should be continuous addition of offerings and unique relevant contents.  

Some sites do wonders just by following the above guide lines without search engine optimization. But do not be under the wrong impression since online success depends upon ranking on very large relevant well researched keywords. Constant keyword and content research is a must. 

For web site owners online success on Google or Yahoo Serps SEO and SEM by an experienced service provider is a must. The better the Seo services and content creation the better will be the result.  This combined with effective Internet Marketing will spell major success on the net.

Coming back to our topic constant build up of your interface is a must. This will come out good only if you as an owner is aware of this and cooperate with service providers. In case of website development owner input is unavoidable. Lot of website owners depend totally on service provider but if your input are forthcoming see how things change.     

A good website designer, Seo professional and web content writer depends lot on owner interest and encouragement. In case of stiff keyword competition team work is entirely essential. Affordable solutions may not be of any good if they border on cheap. Good service means justified payment, else hard bargain will yield soft results or none at all.   

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