Friday, August 17, 2012

Website Contents a Changing Paradigm

When we think about a good website design we come to understand few main aspects: 

User Friendly 

Unique Content 

Technically Sound  


But at micro level the horizon widens and the scope depends on case basis. The content architecture has to be well defined. The important pages should be in the top rung of the hierarchy. Each and every write up should be limited to what the page is meant for. For additional information there should additional pages lower in the hierarchy that are created. Such pages should be linked to the topic relevant page and should not clutter the main page. Not to mention the contents should be robust. 

Additional information can also be added using pdf file or a document.           

Duplicate contents are no longer welcome nor are the pages which provide run of the mill information. Making contents unique does not mean article spinning. The information itself should deliver uniqueness and associated details  useful to the searchers. Understanding semantics is very important if you wish to focus on the right search terms and to avoid artificially injecting a bundle of keywords which is tantamount to spamming.   

After Penguin Update proper content content creation has become imperative if an interface has to survive on SERPs.  

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